The Most Convenient Way 
to Feed Birds!
  • Eliminate Dealing with Bird Mess
  • Durable & Weather-Resistant  
  • No Wasteful Spills
  • No Lugging Heavy Bags
  • Easy and Convenient
  • A Unique Gift that Everyone Can Enjoy
Easy 2-Step Setup!
Just remove the film from the Mr. Canary "En-Tray" ...
...and slide it into the the Bird Buffet feeder!
The World's Most Convenient Bird Feeder!
"You can't experience the great outdoors on a screen. The Bird Buffet is a great way to reconnect with nature."
Spend your time watching birds, not setting up, cleaning up expenive bird feeders. It's easy to keep Bird Buffet filled year round.
The Bird Buffets classic design fits with any home design and will ehance you homes curb appeal.
Mr. Canary® ‘En-Tray’ refills may be purchased at 
or for convenient delivery right to your door!